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Writing Music Monday: Youth, Joey & Girlfriend

Welcome to the 5th edition of Writing Music Monday, where I share some of the dark, creepy, but highly danceable music that inspires my writing.  Clear the room, put on your headphones, plug in and jam to some Goth/Darkwave/EBM good stuff.

Check out last week’s entry here for tracks 10-12 of the playlist.


Track 13

Veil Veil Vanish

Anthem for a Doomed Youth

Mixing elements of Gothic rock and post-punk with modern Indie sensibilities, Veil Veil Vanish has managed to impress me with every piece of music they’ve put out, especially from their impressive album Change in the Neon Light.  “Anthem for a Doomed Youth” is a haunting and catchy song that I find myself dancing along to even when I’m not listening to it.  And you gotta love any band whose singer sounds like the second coming of Robert Smith from The Cure.


Track 14

Concrete Blonde


One of the first “mainstream” dark rocks act that I recall seeing in Junior High/High School, Johnette Napolitano and company’s album Bloodletting was in the record collection of just about every dark/Gothy/in-the-shadows person I associated with back in the 90s.  Mixing a classic rock sound with dark and introspective lyrics, what always made songs like “Joey” so memorable to me was Napolitano’s resonant and haunting voice, so beautiful and yet filled with so much anger and pain.  Undoubtedly one of my favorite songs ever.


Track 15

Type O Negative

My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend

The band that metal fans loved and that their girlfriends loved even more, Type O Negative were the bad boys of Gothic rock.  With heavy guitars, moody and atmospheric keyboards and lyrics focusing on failed love, doomed romance and death, it was no wonder the late Peter Steele and company’s music remain a staple on Goth club dance floors to this day. While there are plenty of slow and moody songs by Type O Negative that certainly deserve mention, “My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend” has always been my favorite of theirs, largely because it’s so fast and weirdly upbeat.

What music inspires your writing?


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