Weekend Writing Warriors: ??? (Mystery Project)

Posted on May 3, 2014 | 12 comments

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I wrote this last night.  Not sure what project it will be tied to yet, but I think I like it…


Sometimes, after sunset, you can hear the voices.

The sky is slate grey, littered with clouds the color of rust. Icy wind blows in from the west, bringing with it the hard snow, the kind that crusts to the ground like a scab and makes driving all but impossible unless you have a death wish, or absolutely no clue what it is you’re getting yourself into when you go out on the roads. You smell glaciers in the air, the pungent scent of burning ice and old rock.

You can’t see the courtyard from the window, but you know the body is there, hidden in the shadows and turning blue with frost.

Just like the voices told you.

You wish they’d just leave you alone. But they aren’t going to: they’re your burden to bear.


Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend!


  1. Awesome! You have such a way with words. That was descriptive yet it left a lot to the imagination. I hope you take this further. I’m already intrigued :)

  2. Hey Steven, I think I like it too!

  3. Ok, now attach that wonderful excerpt to a project pronto, please! Yet another excerpt full of glimmering imagery and stark foreboding. I love coming by to read your snippets, great 8!

  4. Thanks everyone! Sorry I wasn’t active on WiWrA today, I was sick as a dog, but I appreciate everyone stopping by! =D

  5. “just like the voices told you.” WOW! Zinger. I was reading along, getting pulled into the scene by your unreal descriptive writing, and then you dropped that bombshell! Nicely done.

    Keep working on this one, Steven :-)


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