Weekend Writing Warriors: VAMPIRE DOWN

Posted on Apr 26, 2014 | 8 comments

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VAMPIRE DOWN releases in just over two months (June 27th).  I’m sending out beta reader copies this weekend, so after one more excerpt we’ll take a break from Cross and Company and move to some other projects.

This week we get a glimpse at The Black as its denizens try once again to invade our world…


Pale energy dripped from her fingers and collected on the floor like iced blood.  Great shapes loomed overhead, the bulwarks of vast ships floating in a false sky.  The hole in the ceiling was like a drill bore into another world.  He saw The Black, that great and roiling mass of shadow, darkness so thick it burned the eyes to look upon, but there was more: he saw other worlds, futures, pasts, possible places, impossible ones.

The black ship, the same vessel that had crashed and created the crater where Cross had shifted over to the Whisperlands, was there now, a behemoth of dark iron, jagged sails and bone rudders manned by monsters made of darkness, wolf-shaped and moon-fanged, eyes of white fire.  They looked upon the temple and the worlds around them with unbridled hunger.

He realized he was the only thing standing in their way.  The rest were dead, or close to it.


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  1. Goosebumps! That is outstanding! Unbridled hunger and he’s all that’s standing in their way. You’ve really created a superhero in Cross.

    I’m never disappointed, Steven.

  2. Amazing, amazing, amazing. I went from stark image to vivid description and back again and I want MORE. Wonderful writing, excellent excerpt!

  3. Holy flipping crap! Stand tall Cross! The description of the black ship is fantastic! Stellar eight. C’mon June 27th.

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