Weekend Writing Warriors: VAMPIRE DOWN

Posted on Apr 19, 2014 | 11 comments

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I’m wrapping up another round of edits for VAMPIRE DOWN.

This passage is from near the end, as Cross thinks on a future that might have been, just before he and his companions do battle with a host of evil forces to determine the fate of the Earth…


Cross imagined a future where he and Danica lived on a croft in some distant corner of the world. Shiv was there, and she and Danica loved each other like sisters, and together they’d all teach each other how to survive and live and love, they’d plant and hunt and keep camels for riding across the wastes of the healing world. And Ronan would be there, Shiv’s protector, their loyal friend.

We can be more.

Cross breathed hard, and felt tears in his eyes. Bit by bit he shredded the dream from his mind until it was gone. It was a childish fantasy, and he was a fool to imagine it. All that mattered now was the Breach, and sealing it forever.


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  1. Poignant. I can feel his longing for what he can’t have. I especially like the phrase, “Bit by bit he shredded the dream”

  2. I love the image of him slowly and painfully shredding the dream away

  3. Such a beautiful vision of the way he wishes life could be and then the harsh reality intrudes. An exceptional excerpt, so affecting…made me sad. (But well done!)

  4. Thank you ladies! Cross has come to believe he just isn’t destined for happiness. Only time will tell if he’s right.

  5. Powerful feelings of hopelessness! Great imagery.

  6. Wow! My heart breaks for Cross. Yikes! I’ve got to get busy reading ALL of these books. I don’t want to read the out of order…

    Excellent, excellent post, Steven! :-)

  7. Such a pain-filled heart you’ve laid open for us. I hope a little shred of his dream gets lost somewhere in his brain and it doesn’t all drift away.

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