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Weekend Writing Warriors: RED TIDE AT MORNING

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors!

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The release of Red Tide at Morning is just over a month away (August 7th).  Details to follow.

In last week’s excerpt, Malcolm and the Raven’s Passage PD discovered they were dealing with a grisly double homicide.  We’re going to lighten things up a bit as we fast forward and meet Malcolm’s step-sister, a hacker and prodigal investigator named Lara Richter, who walks to her own tune and plays by her own rules.  In this week’s excerpt Lara picks Malcolm up at his apartment so they can get to work on the investigation, and Malcolm, as usual, can’t help but say something about her sense of style…


Lara was waiting downstairs in her black VW Bug. Her coat and low-cut blouse matched the dark interior. NIN, Skinny Puppy and Birthday Massacre stickers layered the back bumper. A plastic voodoo skull dangled from the rear-view mirror, and Lara had her hands on the bat-themed steering wheel cover.

“Jesus,” I said as I got in. “You Gothed out a Bug?”

“Zip it,” she said.

She turned the stereo up so The Cure’s “Fascination Street” filled the car as she drove us down Parkview and into the residential districts that dominated the west half of the hilliest part of the island.


Check out my Behind the Scenes post for more on Red Tide At Morning.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend!


  1. Teresa Cypher

    This snippet is outstanding, Steven. You paint the scene so incredibly well (as ever), and the dialogue is so smooth and so real. I’ve simply run out of great words to say about your writing. 🙂

  2. Kim Magennis

    I really enjoy the way you put your pieces together Steven. You always convey so much more than the words.

  3. Cara Bristol

    Like the short snappy dialogue, and she’s quite a character.

  4. amybraunauthor

    I think she has excellent taste in music! A Gothed out Bug– that’s awesome. Really great snippet!

  5. veronicascott

    The details you weave into each scene are SO amazing. Loved the idea of “gothing out a bug”. Terrific snippet!

  6. Steven

    Thanks so much, everybody!

  7. Eden

    Definitely creates an image here. Sounds like Lara’s determined to be herself and no one else…

  8. Christina Ochs

    Now I feel like I know Lara already. She’s clearly way too cool to hang out with me. 🙂


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