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WEEKEND WRITING WARRIORS: Love Scenes From the Black Market (Vision of an End)

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors!

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This week I share the sixth of sixteen stories from my next release Love Scenes From the Black Marketa dark anthology.

This week’s snippet is more of a poetry piece I wrote upon waking from a particularly vivid dream.  The dream (and the piece I wrote after having it, Vision of an End), so affected me I wound up writing an entire series using the work as a catalyst.  And while Blood Skies wound up being more about guns, vampires and the apocalypse, the central image of the black unicorns and the girls they hunted always remained at he forefront of my mind.


Already it fades.

Four unicorns; a field; a sky of lavender and leaves.

“I see trees.”

A mountain of jet and hoarfrost, embalmed by icewinter clouds.

Four women, fair, skin the color of milk and moon.  A gentle wind caresses them like loving hands.

Memories of Empire, of tall dark buildings soaked in black rain and the shadows of tall men.

She sits in a parlor and dreams.


Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend!


    • Steven

      Thanks so much, Kim!

  1. Paula Millhouse

    I loved the line “…embalmed by icewinter clouds.” So vivid, Steven. I love your way with words.

  2. Christina Ochs

    Beautiful! I love how this went from light to dark.

    • Steven

      Thank you Christina!

  3. Peter Vialls

    Very nicely put together – evocative and eerie.

  4. veronicascott

    WHEN can I have this book???! Now? Loved the excerpt and the whole idea of the black unicorns!

    • Steven

      Thanks Veronica! LOVE SCENES FROM THE BLACK MARKET will be out in June (or before). =D

  5. Ed Hoornaert

    Black unicorns against a pastel setting … very visual.

  6. Teresa Cypher

    What a beautiful piece, Steven. Evocative–and dreamlike, and dare is say–sensual? A side of your writing we rarely see!

  7. amybraunauthor

    Stunning, ethereal visuals. I love your writing Steven. 😀


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