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WEEKEND WRITING WARRIORS: Love Scenes From the Black Market (The Slaver’s Chain)

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors!

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This week I’m sharing the thirteenth of sixteen stories from my upcoming release Love Scenes From the Black Marketa dark anthology.  Book release is June 7th, with the cover reveal this coming Tuesday!

This week’s excerpt is the first 8 lines from The Slaver’s Chain, a supernatural tale set in the world of my upcoming novel Gun Witch.  Sara is an apprentice witch tasked to investigate an old artifact locked away in a Southern mansion, and as the story opens she’s just getting her first look at the object of her search.


Uncoiled cold black metal stretched across the floor, an iron snake.  The room was made of cold concrete marred with age.  Pale dust rained to the ground, and cobwebs hung in the corners.  The air was stale and still and smelled odd, not dirty or dank but certainly not clean.  Forgotten.

That room stank of solitude.

The only door was made of solid steel, and it locked from the outside.  There were no windows, no other furnishings save for a few fragments of shattered wood.


Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend!


  1. Author Jessica E. Subject

    Locked from the outside? Your description is fabulous, but that line grabbed me and hung on. I’m curious to know what or who was locked inside.

    • Steven

      Thanks, Jessica!

  2. Teresa Cypher

    This line is money: “That room stank of solitude.” Nice!

    And oh boy–locked from the outside. Dang–that’s never good!

    Can hardly wait to see the cover, Steven, and read the book. 🙂

    • Steven

      Thanks so much, Teresa!

  3. Cara Bristol

    Nobody can describe a scene like you do. “That room stank of solitude.” Awesome.

    • Steven

      Thanks, Cara!

  4. Kim Magennis

    I agree with the Ladies above, Steve. That one phrase is a classic. Beautiful and fierce. I love the ‘forgotten smell’, too.
    Awesome stuff!

  5. Christina Ochs

    Sounds like an intriguing place, though not in a nice way!

    • Steven

      Thanks, Christina! I seem to be drawn to those, don’t I? ;D

  6. Ed Hoornaert

    You definitely specialize in great descriptions.

  7. veronicascott

    I can’t wait for this collection of stories to come out! Enjoyed the snippet as always, can count on being able to fully visualize any setting you write abut, because you’re so proficient with the details!

  8. amybraunauthor

    Fantastic job igniting all my senses! I felt like I was in the very room. I mean, I didn’t feel safe “there,” but still! 😉

  9. elizabethalsobrooks

    At least they have pieces of shattered wood to cold-cock someone with if they ever open that door from the outside…yikes!


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