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WEEKEND WRITING WARRIORS: Love Scenes From the Black Market (The Desert)

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors!

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This week I’m sharing the eleventh of sixteen stories from my upcoming release Love Scenes From the Black Marketa dark anthology.

This week’s excerpt is from The Desert, a short nightmarish tale of a young woman who suddenly finds herself in what she can only assume is the afterlife.


Everything was red.

Arched hills drenched with crimson dust stretched away in every direction, uninhabited by so much as an insect.  Barren stones littered the landscape like discarded teeth, and the falling moon melted into the horizon.  The sky was chalky scarlet, and looked like it had been painted with broken pencils.

The woman in the black dress moved with such speed and surety it took her a moment to realize she didn’t even touch the sand.  Her hair was thick and dark and followed her like a tapestry.  She floated through the air, barely three inches off the ground.  Sand and loose stones parted in her wake.


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  1. Christina Ochs

    This seems like a very cool place, but definitely not normal. Lovely description!

    • Steven

      Thanks, Christina!

  2. Botanist

    Very surreal. I’d likely assume it was a dream.

    • Steven

      That’s what I think about everything before my first cup of coffee. ;D

  3. veronicascott

    Love it, as always. Wonder what has happened to her? “Painted with broken pencils…” love it. You have such a way with description! Great snippet.

    • Steven

      Thanks, Veronica!

  4. Ed Hoornaert

    Love love love the description in the first paragraph. If this isn’t Mars as seen from the rovers, it sure could be. And then also the second paragraph with its mysterious woman with strange and possibly dangerous means of locomotion.

  5. Teresa Cypher

    The visual is incredible, Steven. You truly are the master of descriptive writing. 🙂 Looking forward to this release. 🙂

  6. elizabethalsobrooks

    Wonderful description. It makes me want to visit this strange and mysterious place.

  7. amybraunauthor

    Beautiful, haunting description. I’m tempted to hire an artist to paint this for me so I can frame it. Seriously. WOW.


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