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WEEKEND WRITING WARRIORS: Love Scenes From the Black Market (Pale)

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors!

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This week I’m sharing the last of the stories from my upcoming release Love Scenes From the Black Marketwhich comes out June 7th…which is just a few freaking days from now.  AHHHHHH!!!!! (You can check out the cover and pre-order your copy below.)

This week’s excerpt is the first 8 lines from Pale, a new take on a very, very old tale regarding the values of innocence, and the wolves lurking in the woods…


Blades of sunlight cut through the branches, and my feet make only the slightest sound as I tread the leafy earth off the path.

She is alone, and she trembles as she walks.

The light makes her shine.

I move around ahead of her, and her eyes grow wide when I step into view.  Her grip tightens on the basket, and her crimson dress tightly hugs her lithe frame.  Strands of thick red hair arch the sides of her face.

“Afternoon,” I say.

“Afternoon…”  She looks surprised, like she’s done something wrong.




From the author The Rike Chronicles, The Skullborn Trilogy, Red Tide At Morning and Blood Skies comes a collection of short tales straight from the heart of darkness. At times horrific, at times tender, at times profoundly bizarre, Love Scenes from the Black Market is speculative horror fiction that peels back the layers of reality to expose the cold truths locked beneath.

A band of slavers bites off more than they can chew when they face the horror of the “Black Dogs”. A desperate woman discovers the truth about herself in her journey through the world’s grim final days in “Carnivore”. A mercenary and his team hunt down costumed crusaders who’ve done more bad than good in “Supers”. A young witch experiences the brutal history of a despicable artifact in “The Slaver’s Chain”.

Through war-torn epic kingdoms to a boy’s haunted backyard to the edges of the Auran Galaxy, the 16 tales from Love Scenes from the Black Market will take you on a harrowing journey across the twisted fantastic landscape of the human condition.

Pre-order on!


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  1. Author Jessica E. Subject

    Oh, I know this story! 😉 Sounds like an interesting twist. I wonder why she seems guilty.

    • Steven

      All of the Grimm fairy tales are about people doing amoral things, at least from a metaphoric standpoint…that line is sort of a nod to the Grimm convention that it’s pretty safe to assume the “innocent” characters are bringing their troubles on themselves. ;D

  2. Ed Hoornaert

    You’ve got me wondering what’s going on here.

    • Steven

      Also what I saw every time I walk into a room.

  3. Teresa Cypher

    A song is now playing in my head. A brain-worm. ♫♪ “Hey there little red riding hood…”♫♪

    Looking forward to this one, Steven. I pre-ordered it. 🙂

    • Steven

      Thanks, Teresa, I hope you enjoy it!

  4. Kim Magennis

    Good luck with your release, Steve. I know it is going to be very well received. I love how you set us up with the prosaic exchange of ‘afternoon’!

  5. amybraunauthor

    Well, at least they have the introductions out of the way… 😉 Great snippet!

  6. Christina Ochs

    I wonder why she looks guilty? Love the twist on the old tale.

  7. veronicascott

    Uh oh…can;t wait to read your twist on this tale! I have the book pre-ordered, will be wonderful to read the stories all at once versus in ten sentence snippets! Best wishes with the release.

  8. rachelauthorbarnard

    I love all the staccato words: Blades, cut, tightens, arch. They bring more tension into this snippet!


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