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WEEKEND WRITING WARRIORS: Love Scenes From the Black Market (Note)

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This week I share the second of sixteen stories from my next release Love Scenes From the Black Marketa dark anthology.

This week’s snippet is the opening 8 sentences from Note, a reflection on depression and the horrible effects it can have on relationships, as told through the lens of a psychological horror story.

(For the record, I consider the actual note, in quotations, as one long line.  So no getting me in trouble, Mods. ;D)


The note read:

“i am unhappy

i feel this wasn’t always true

that once some version of me existed that didn’t feel this way

a stranger

off on the horizon, never drawing close enough for anyone to see

because he can’t even see himself

this is my existence


a string of inconsequential moments held together by the forlorn hope that, one day, everything will be ok

this is what i am

i want to reach out to that old self, and bring him back

but i don’t know how to reach him.”

I keep the note by my bedside, tucked inside my journal next to my wedding ring box. I hate reading it, because every morning, almost at the same time, I know he’ll rise, and I’ll have to deal with the pain he felt when he wrote those words all over again.

I lay still in the early hours, sunlight bleeding through the curtains, wisps of dust in the air, the smell of flowers outside.  It seems it’s always Summer, but I know that’s only in my mind.  No one knows, not for certain, but I guess they’re starting to suspect.  I keep coming up with excuses for why we can’t go over to his parents for dinner, keep putting off his deadline for the new article with lies about how he’s out researching.  I’ve been at it for weeks now, and I’m starting to wear thin.


Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend!


  1. Kim Magennis

    Wow, Steven!
    I am totally hooked!
    Excellent story idea.

        • Steven

          Aww, thanks! That one was a real bear to write, I’m glad you’re enjoying it! =D

  2. Teresa Cypher

    Pulled me right in, Steven. And I know you’re style…I have a solid sense of foreboding about why he’s MIA… Ugh oh…

    • Steven

      Believe it or not, it may be *worse* than you think! ;D Thanks, Teresa!

  3. Christina Ochs

    Definitely hooks you in and makes you want to know exactly what’s going on here.

    • Steven

      Thanks, Christina!

  4. veronicascott

    Well that was fascinating and left me pondering so many things. I definitely want to read on. Really effective snippet!

  5. bonniegill2

    Holy cow! I feel for him.
    I want to read more.

  6. amybraunauthor

    Amazing snippet, I loved everything about it. I hope to read more!

  7. E.D. Martin

    Great job of capturing his emotions, as well as the emotions of the person waking up next to him (wife?).


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