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Weekend Writing Warriors: DEAD PLANET

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors!

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We’ll continue with another excerpt from Dead Planet, Book 2 of The Rike Chronicles, whose release is just over a month away!  (Check out below for a chance to win a copy of Book 1 in the series, The Last Acolyte!)

Last time Rike and Aeana, a young woman who can help Rike destroy a creature called The Oracle and strike a blow at his enemy, the crime lord Maga, were in the wastes of Vesaad.  This week, they reach their destination: a remote desert outpost called Augur.


Augur was a poor excuse for a settlement, a ramshackle assembly of shanties and steel cylinders that reminded Rike of giant bullets.  Grinding black towers stood sentinel in a jagged perimeter and churned with power as they drilled deep, and their rumbling bass notes shook the ground.

Outer fences wrought of twisted steel and barbed wire and laced with pulsing electric generators made the air hum.  Shrouded snipers watched he and Aeana warily, but no one made any aggressive moves, and when they came within sight of the sliding city gate – a squat Scorpion covered with armor plating and a massive flamethrower mounted up top – Rike held his hands up to signal their peaceful intent.  Aeana, as ever, walked like she was entirely unaware of their surroundings, just kept her hood drawn and her eyes ahead.  They passed through rolling clouds of dark dust.

The storm over Augur was perfectly black, as if someone had punched a hole in the sky.  Rike smelled oil and burning meat as they entered the city, where a pair of grey-clad sentries ran a scanner over both he and Aeana, searching for some disease or desert parasite — whatever it was the guards were looking for they didn’t find, so the two of them were ushered in and the gates were closed.


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  1. Ed Hoornaert

    This is definitely an ominous place, with no amusement park around the next corner. A question about names: I had a friend named Rike — pronounced ReeKay. I assume your hero is Rik, long i? And the heroine, Aeana — EE anna?

  2. Teresa Cypher

    I LOVE this, Steven. I feel like we’re back in the ashen worlds of Blood Skies–my favorites. 🙂

  3. Christina Ochs

    You’re the master of unpleasant settings. And I truly mean that as a compliment. It’s great to get such a vivid picture of places I’ll never have to visit.

  4. veronicascott

    And the gate closed…..uh oh, ominous! I love your descriptions – felt like I was there (but lucky for me I’m not LOL). Loved the snippet!

  5. Steven

    Ed, right on both counts!

  6. Steven

    Christina, Veronica, Teresa, thanks so much!

  7. Stephanie Ingram

    Doesn’t sound like a fun place to be. Love the vivid description though. Look forward to reading more.

  8. Cara Bristol

    Your writing is so visual. Great stuff!

  9. Amalie

    Very vivid imagery here! Love it! 🙂

  10. amybraunauthor

    Christina definitely took the words from my mouth (or my fingers, if you want to be literal since I’m typing)– the entire setting is laid our in all its dark, gritty glory. It’s great that you make sure that each of our senses are included in the snippet. Awesome writing!

  11. Kim Magennis

    Brilliant scene setting, Steven. I can taste and smell the place!


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