Weekend Writing Warriors: Blood Angel Rising, Part 22

Posted on Dec 7, 2013 | 6 comments

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Welcome to Part 22 of Blood Angel Rising, presented to you 8 sentences at a time through Weekend Writing Warriors.  Check out the previous installments here.

This week, Vincent and Frost continue their verbal sparring.


“I notice you’re not looking too aged,” Frost said.

“Frost, if I could age, I would – I’m bored being me.”  Golden sunlight pierced through the shades and hit Vincent square in the face, so he donned a pair of sunglasses.

“So dye your fucking hair,” Frost snapped.

“Wow, you’re in a charming mood today, aren’t you?” Vincent said.

“I don’t like being up before noon.”

“And I don’t care,” Vincent laughed.  “Do you have what I need or not?”


Check in next week for Part 23.  Thanks for dropping by, and have a great weekend!


  1. Nice dialogue–two very distinct characters involved. Well done, Steven! :-)

  2. Thanks ladies! =D

  3. Vincent cracks me up. I can totally appreciate his “I don’t give a shit” attitude.

  4. Vincent has such attitude, which is fun to read. Excellent excerpt!

  5. Thanks! =D

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