Weekend Writing Warriors: Blood Angel Rising, Part 21

Posted on Nov 30, 2013 | 10 comments

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Welcome to Part 21 of Blood Angel Rising, presented to you 8 sentences at a time through Weekend Writing Warriors.  Check out the previous installments here.

This week, Vincent meets with the enigmatic Frost.


Frost was in his office – Vincent sensed his foul mood even from the other side of the door.  The man despised being awake during the day.

He’s been pretending to be a vampire for so long he’s starting to believe it.

Vincent opened the door without knocking.  Frost was behind his desk; the 300-year-old creature had taken the form of a young and unshaven man dressed like he’d just emerged from a rock concert, complete with his own pungent aura of tobacco, sweat and alcohol.  Chains and crosses dangled from around his neck, and indecipherable scrawlings rendered in faded white paint dotted the sleeves of his faded leather jacket.

“There you are, you fucker,” Frost said with a sadistic smile.

“Now that’s a Mid-life crisis look if I ever saw one,” Vincent said.


Check in next week for Part 22.  Thanks for dropping by, and have a great weekend!


  1. Nice! I like the emotion coming through. That coupled with your amazing descriptions, Steven are simply perfect!

    I LOVE that last line! Give it as good as you get it! lol

    • Thanks Teresa!

  2. Ooh, if he’s not a vampire, but he’s 300 years old, what the hell is he? Some sort of shapeshifter? Got me curious!

    • (I’m not telling. Well…not yet. ;D)

  3. All of the dialogue in this snippet is fantastic. Great job!

    • Thanks Jess!

  4. Really an intriguing snippet (so he’s not a vampire???) and I’m with everyone else – terrific dialog! Great 8!

    • Why thank you, Veronica!

    • Awww, thanks Cara! (blushes)

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