Weekend Writing Warriors: Blood Angel Rising, Part 19

Posted on Nov 16, 2013 | 11 comments

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Welcome to Part 19 of Blood Angel Rising, presented to you 8 sentences at a time through Weekend Writing Warriors.  Check out the previous installments here.

We’ve been learning a bit about the ancient Vincent Moretti over the past couple of weeks.  Today we learn a little about his strange gift…


The elevator took him up the high rise, and Vincent felt the other riders watching him.  Men and women alike eyed him with desire, and always had, but he liked the attention – he’d spent most of his youth perfecting the body he’d inevitably be stuck with for the rest of eternity.

Heavy beams of dirty golden light streamed through the windows of Baker & Mills.  The office was largely quiet since it was the weekend, but Vincent still saw a few people off in the meeting rooms, desperately trying to negotiate deals with clients before the End of Quarter deadline came on Monday.  The air was cold and sterile.

Becky from Sales passed by. Vincent saw her move in slow motion, an arrested shadow which left vaporous trails in its wake, and when he focused on that shadow Vincent heard the beating of two hearts, one belonging to the child she carried that she hadn’t told anyone about.  Doug Jones nodded at him from one of the offices, and Vincent determined by Doug’s shadow that he still lied about his age and that he often thought about leaving his wife for a stripper named Denise, but probably never would.


Check in next week for Part 20.  Thanks for dropping by, and have a great weekend!


  1. Wow, that would be a heavy burden to bear–his gift. It would take a certain type of “person” to not be overwhelmed by being bombarded with people’s secrets. :-) Good 8! Intriguing, Steven! :-)

    • Thanks Teresa!

  2. I’m so fascinated by this character and today’s excerpt was riveting. Great snippet!

    • Thank you, Veronica! He’s kind of growing on me, too. ;D

  3. Shadow secrets…love that! Heavy beams of dirty golden light…love that too!

    • Thanks a bunch, Millie! =D

  4. I find myself intrigued. Great snippet.

    • Thank you!

  5. Great eight! Wow, talk about a unique skill. Not one I’m sure I’d want. I love this character, though. He really pulls me in and makes me want to know him. I can’t decide if he’s good or bad yet, but it don’t matter. I still want to know more about him. Great eight!

  6. Wow, the shadows give him awesome insight on people’s life.

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