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Weekend Writing Warriors: Black Dogs, Part 3

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I finished up the rough draft of Black Dogs early last week, so I thought I’d share another snippet.  Last week the pirate captain, Sarresh, reflected on the sorry state of the land as he and his men were hauling a bunch of slaves on board their ship to sell to the corrupt lords to the north.


Big Deg, Sarresh’s chief lieutenant, knocked a dark-skinned Atredian youth to the ground when the boy looked up and spat in the bearded man’s direction.  The other slaves in line were getting restless, their ancestral runes glistening with rainwater.  Their flesh was so dark they almost looked like they’d been carved from the night itself, but their eyes and teeth were as pale and lustrous as moonlight.  

Sarresh’s men looked down from the higher ground on either side of the narrow and shattered cobblestone road.  The crew of The Slip dressed all in black and grey, and their weapons were of surprisingly good make for coastal mercenaries, Ironsworn swords and bows purchased at top price from the Viscount’s personal armorer, one of the few successful investments Sarresh had made over the course of his short career.  The Slip, an Taash warship with a full complement of cannons and a well-armored hull, was badly in need of repairs, and the last few raids they’d led onto the coast hadn’t wielded much reward – even the smaller settlements were geared up for battle on account of the events in the south, and there were few places left that were easy pickings.  The Daag hadn’t made any indication that they were turning their attention to The Thirteen, but with the seeming ease with which they’d taken down Atredia it was little wonder people were worried, because if the Ripper Queen and her armies could topple a thousand-year-old military power what was to stop them from tearing up and down the coast?  Everyone knew The Thirteen’s power wasn’t nearly what it had once been, especially after the death of the Black Spider, and without anyone to hold the rest in line they’d resorted to fighting and raiding one another with abandon.


Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend!


  1. Teresa Cypher

    Oooh, great intrigue, Steven. And your world-building is outstanding…as always ;-D Congrats on finishing the rough draft.

  2. Christina Ochs

    Your world-building is always so vivid, it makes me want to live there. Or not. 🙂 Always fun to read about, though!

  3. veronicascott

    So the Thirteen softened themselves up for the Ripper Queen, sounds like. Yeah, no I wouldn’t want to live here but I enjoy being an observer LOL! Another vivid excerpt!

  4. Steven

    Thanks, everybody! =D

  5. Eden

    It’s a good snippet, Steven; however (yeah, I know… the howevers bite, don’t they?)… You mentioned in both this snippet and last week’s about the Ripper Queen and how the Daag hadn’t moved on the Thirteen yet, but might… I understand this sort of thing would be weighing on Sarresh’s mind somewhat, but I suspect that not a lot of time (in story) has passed, so a second mention so soon just… well, reads wrong.

    • daezarkian

      Good point, Eden, thanks!


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