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Weekend Writing Warriors: Black Dogs, Part 2

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors!

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I’m about 75% of the way done with my epic fantasy/horror short story Black Dogs.  Check out last week’s excerpt to get up to speed, and enjoy another bite!


Sarresh’s men were scattered all across the ruins of town, picking their way through homes whose walls had been blasted open by sure-placed cannon fire, searching for any trinkets or gold they could get their hands on.  Sarresh knew it was a wasted effort, but he wasn’t going to discourage them – everyone had heard tales of Atredian wealth, ancient family coins or forbidden statuettes of fertility goddesses laced with pearl shells or the fine silver strands of Ancestor Mothers, and even though most knew those stories were shit that never stopped men from looking.  Besides, he couldn’t let Big Deg or the others harm the female slaves, not if they were going to sell them to Count Velg or Baron Harkness, so he had to grant them some avenue to let off some steam.

Pitchtown was a shanty, a pathetic excuse of a settlement built over the remains of Oldcastle, a small city that had been overrun by Fist barbarians and reduced to a shell of its once impressive self some years back, leaving the crumbling port settlement abandoned, just a bunch of dark old towers pressed against the muddy banks of the Hornheart River.  Truth be told, Sarresh didn’t think much of most towns, and he preferred the inside of a boat almost any day; let the petty lords trying to impress the Thirteen scramble over these shattered dwellings.  

Ever since the fall of Atredia to the hands of the Daag Army a few months back, ebon-skinned refugees had been seen scattered all up and down the Bahl Coast, seeking safe haven from the same pale-skinned and Godless hordes of the Ripper Queen.  It was sad to see such a once-proud people cast adrift in the land of their once enemies in the north, but no one was sparing them too much sympathy — the Atredians had done plenty to earn The Thirteen’s enmity.  Besides, The Thirteen had more to worry about than refugees, since everyone knew the murderous Ripper Queen would eventually turn her attentions north now that she’d all but stomped the Atredians out of existence.


Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend!


  1. Ed Hoornaert

    Pitchtown doesn’t sound like the kind of place that will convince Sarresh to like settlements.

  2. Christina Ochs

    You have such a way with unpleasant places. I need to study your technique. And the Ripper Queen sounds . . unpleasant. I detect a theme here. 🙂

  3. Teresa Cypher

    Love it! You are in your comfort zone, writing fantasy/horror! Fantastic world-building, Steven! 🙂

  4. amybraunauthor

    Excellent world building, history, and descriptions. And the Ripper Queen sounds terrifying. The horror writer in me is dying to see what she’s capable of… No pun intended please!

  5. Aine Blaze

    Good excerpt. Lots of details and description.

  6. Eden

    Sounds like Pitchtown has seen more than its fair share of this sort of thing. I like how you show respect and dislike and fear all boiled into a short paragraph about the fall of the Atredians.

  7. daezarkian

    Thank you very much, everybody!

  8. veronicascott

    Ooh, the Ripper Queen sounds like she’ll be the center of a lot of action, dark descriptions and adventure. As usual, your snippet is so detailed and speaks of a complete world. Excellent!

  9. Kristy (@ScrivK)

    Haha… There is a lot here, and I’ve not read the other snippets, so I have no idea what is going on! That said, I really liked the characterization going on here. “Truth be told, Sarresh didn’t think much of most towns, and he preferred the inside of a boat almost any day; let the petty lords trying to impress the Thirteen scramble over these shattered dwellings.” That reveals so much about who Sarresh is. It also reveals quite a bit about the politics of this region. Well done.

  10. Steven

    Thank you! =D


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