Weekend Writing Warriors: An Excerpt from CITY OF SCARS

Posted on Mar 2, 2013 | 22 comments

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors.  We’ll see if I can make this a regular weekly thing. =D

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This week we continue on with excerpts from City of Scars (Book 1 of the Skullborn Trilogy).  Thirty years after the conclusion to the Rift War, Azander Dane, a fallen knight, has turned to mercenary work in order to to survive.  Exiled from the Empire he once protected and loved, Dane now lives in the company of thieves; if that wasn’t bad enough, he is still haunted by dreams of his dark past.


His eyes ache.  The fires are too bright. 

The tip of the cold blade dances teasingly against the backs of the women’s necks.  They kneel in the circle, too terrified to move.  The man with the painted face playfully whistles while he circles the prisoners, trying to decide which of them to cut down first. 

Dane can only watch.  He’s seen this before, and he’ll see it again.

What have I become?


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  1. Wow–terror. I can’t imagine where this fits into the story, but know that the visual was grim.

    I love the last line, deep 3rd, serious introspection mingled with disgust and maybe, shame?

    Another great 8, Steven! :-)

    • Thanks, Teresa! And yeah, you hit on the head — Dane basically lives his life trying to escape what he’s done, knowing all the while that can never happen. He’s kind of a mess.

  2. Yikes, great scene. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

    • Thanks Ann!

  3. To the point dark and auspicious. Great excerpt.

    • Thank you much, Dana! =D

    • Hopefully he’ll find his way. He’s certainly fallen far. ;D Thanks Cindy!

  4. I feel for his position. So many people find themselves in this conundrum. Is there no chance of forgiveness from his former country? Can he not go back? To defend any woman is certainly an impossible task at this stage.

    • Dane’s crimes are nothing to be taken lightly. I’ll actually be curious to see if readers can still continue to root for him once they find out what he was involved in.

  5. Heart wrenching. I hope he can recapture his pride at some point soon. The scene you described was certainly tense – excellent excerpt.

    • Thank you Veronica!

  6. Your final line exudes so much hopelessness. Love this snippet.

    • Thanks, Jess. I seem to do “hopelessness” well. ;D

  7. That’s one hell of a past. No wonder he can’t get over it.

    • Oh yeah. It’s bad.

  8. Oh, so dark. I love it. Haunted by the past. Sounds like his got some demons. I’ve only just met Dane and I already wanna hug him :) I can see everything clearly and feel his turmoil. Great snippet.

    • Thanks a bunch Mandy, glad you liked it! =D

  9. It will be interesting to see if he can achieve redemption. A very emotive, dark and visual snippet.

    • Thank you Clare!

  10. What a horrible situation for him to be in.

    • You don’t know the half of it! The worst part of it, many of Dane’s woes were indirectly brought on by himself. Stay tuned, we’ll take a closer look at Dane this weekend.

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