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Weekend Writing Warriors: THE LAST ACOLYTE

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More from THE LAST ACOLYTE.  Check out last week’s post to get all caught up with Rike as he recalled how a few years ago he’d saved the lives of several crew members from the starship Vigilant.


As repayment, the Ro’daan commander Kira Jun had taken Rike under her proverbial wing and made the poor stranded human her project, to educate and prepare for his future in the Auran Galaxy.

That was worse than being in high school.

The steel doors of the nearby hangar groaned open (they weren’t steel, he knew that, they were quantrillium, like everything the Taur made, but no matter how long he’d been away from home he still thought in the terms he’d grown up with, still observed things in his strange perpetual nightmare from the point of view of a stupid Business major from Seattle who still waited to wake up even though he’d been having the same dream for nearly half of his life). The darkness from inside the hangar seemed to leak out, an oozing fog of black vapor borne of the ore-refining equipment located inside.

A Tauran frigate pulled out of the bay, all forward pointing guns and rockets, a bladed hull like a fistful of knives and slanted view ports reinforced with armor plating. It was a war-class aerial vehicle, too bulky to hover more than a hundred feet off the ground but fast enough that it could traverse great distances in a hurry, an armored troop carrier capable of turning a few square miles of wilderness into a lifeless waste when it deployed its load of soldiers and land rovers. Rike saw Taur moving about on the deck, large and horned humanoids with dark skin and bloody red eyes, studded armor and wicked blades, and in their thickly muscled arms they toted clunky assault rifles and hand-cannons. They were slightly shorter than he was, which was about the only advantage he felt over them physically – a typical Taur was as thick around as a wrestler and mean as hell, with so much adrenaline and testosterone flowing through their veins they had to take special sedatives just to keep from constantly killing one another.



Mercenary. Soldier. Lover.

All in a day’s work.

John Rike will never see his home again, but he’s ok with that. Back on Earth he was nobody, just an anonymous grad student with no personality, no ambition, and nothing that made him stand out.

But after nearly fifteen years in the dangerous and war-torn Auran Galaxy, Rike has become an infamous soldier-of-fortune. An Acolyte of the vicious Bloodthorn Monastery, Rike’s adventures have taken him from the dregs of crime-ridden fringe planets to the deck of the fabled starship Vigilant.

Now Rike has come to the oppressed planet of Sares 6, the latest in a string of worlds subjugated by the vile Taur, where he must track down and kill the man who trained him.

Aided by a mysterious mercenary and faced with the horrors of the Taur’s despicable occupation, Rike soon finds himself in a desperate race against time…because if he fails in his mission, what little he holds sacred will be forever lost.

Embark on the first installment in an all-new space opera/military sci-fi adventure from the author of Blood Skies and The Skullborn Trilogy!



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  1. burnsmillie

    Those Taur’s don’t sound like anyone to mess with. I’m already nervous for Rike! Yikes.

    • daezarkian

      They’re certainly some nasty customers. :O

      Thanks, Millie!

  2. dreadedthought

    I love the description of him thinking in his own terms, seeing everything from the vantage point of a life-long nightmare…I imagined him standing there as these huge gates swung open, and while he’s watching the frigate pull out, he’s seeing Seattle. Very bittersweet. Really gives this otherworld a whole different tone. Wonderful.

    • daezarkian

      You hit it right on the head. =D There are some later passages where Rike’s memories of home are much more oblique, and even though he’s somewhat cavalier about not missing Earth I try to make clear that’s not really the case at all. ;D Thanks a bunch!

  3. veronicascott

    I really liked the way he compared his current world to his former life on Earth. I’m really enjoying this character! And as always, your powers of description are AMAZING. Excellent excerpt!

    • Steven

      Hey, thanks Veronica!

    • daezarkian

      Thanks Cecilia!

  4. Teresa Cypher (@Teresa_Cypher)

    Yep–what everyone said! Simply incredible descriptive writing. I sense a tad more character development in this book.

    “Mercenary. Soldier. Lover.

    All in a day’s work.”

    I like the premise of this story, Steven!

    • daezarkian

      Thanks, Teresa! I’ve mentioned to a couple of others that this was the most fun I’ve had working on a first draft in…well, maybe ever, to be honest. I’m just super excited about this project!



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