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Vampire Appreciation Month (aka “Steve’s Great Halloween Book Sale”)

It’s unprecedented.  Its insane.  Its sheer, unadulterated madness.

Its Halloween.  Its when the creepy crawlies come out.  Its when the vampires show their teeth.  Its when zombies prowl the strip looking for laughs and all of the oozy and tentacled things get ready to party.

And to celebrate this most joyous time of darkness, shadows and terror, the Kindle editions of Books 2 through 4 of the Blood Skies series are just $2.99 from now until October 31st.  For those of you playing the home game, that’s $2 off, and Book 1 is still just 99 cents.  That means you could get the entire series (so far) for….uh….math….about $13 (almost 40% off).

Oh, and my horror novella something black… is also on sale for just 99 cents, also until October 31st!

Have a safe and awesome October, and check back here this weekend for another sneak peek at THE WITCH’S EYE!

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