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Things to Come

We’re halfway through the year, and I’ve only published one book.  What a slacker.

Thanks to everyone who’s checked out The Last Acolyte.  I had tons of fun writing that book, and the next installment is on the way…but not quite yet.  I haven’t talked about where I’m at with my various projects in a while, so I thought I’d drop a few notes (and some teasers…)

Red Tide At Morning

Our heroes, Malcolm Stone...

Our intrepid hero of Red Tide At Morning, Malcolm Stone

Next up is my mystery/thriller, which is currently in its fourth round of edits.  This has been a challenging project for me since it’s pretty far out of my proverbial wheel house, but I’ve enjoyed the challenge, from the research needed to the new authors I’ve discovered to working more closely than ever with my lovely wife/editor/idea sounding board Liberty, who’s something of a mystery aficionado.  My crazy work and family schedule has prevented me from getting as much done on this project as I’d like, but rest assured it’s on the way, and hopefully will be in our hands by early August.

We have a preliminary cover worked up (more on that in a few weeks), but in the meantime here’s the first pass at the dreaded “book blurb”:

A dead girl on the beach. A college student found tortured to death in an abandoned cottage. An ex-soldier with a history of violence. A small-time drug lord whose influence is on the rise. A mysterious woman watching from the shadows. A camera pointed the wrong way.

Something dangerous is happening in Raven’s Passage.

Retired Detective Malcolm Stone hoped to never work another murder case ever again. After the tragic death of his partner on the harrowing streets of Philadelphia, all Mal wanted was to come home to the quiet Pacific Northwest island he grew up on and get on with his life. But when a shocking double homicide shakes the island community, Mal finds himself pulled back into a world he thought he’d left behind.

Along with his step-sister Lara — a troubled loner with a keen investigative mind — Malcolm digs deep into the lives of the two dead girls, uncovering scars and secrets best left alone. Surrounded by suspects ranging from an ambitious drug dealer and his delinquent son to the psychotic ex-flame of one of the victim’s fathers, Malcolm and Lara race to find a connection between the victims and uncover the truth…before a deadly killer strikes again.


Black Dogs


In the midst of a self-imposed editing break from Red Tide At Morning I wrote Black Dogs, a 12,000 word long fantasy/horror short story about a band of pirates whose attempt to enslave a small town for profit is interrupted by the arrival of some horrifying supernatural creatures.  Black Dogs was something of a comfort write for me: quick, dirty, and to the point, with some fun world building and the potential for follow-up stories.  I’ll be publishing this later in the year (maybe around Halloween).


Dead Planet


Talk about projects on the back burner…Book 2 of The Rike Chronicles has been drafted, but I’ll likely go back and extend the ending before I start in on full revisions, since I feel like I cut the tale a bit short.  I tried to ride the momentum of The Last Acolyte and carry it over directly to this second volume (I’d done that before writing Black Scars almost immediately on the heels of editing Blood Skies), but unfortunately this time things didn’t quite work out, and at about the halfway point I really started to struggle with completing this book.  I’m still very fond of the plot, and the three-part story line I intend to extend into Bloodstar has plenty going for it, but this one’s going to require some serious time with the editing meat cleaver before it’ll be suitable for use as anything but some space on my hard drive.

At the rate I’m going, edits for Dead Planet will start after Red Tide At Morning is released.  An end-of-the-year publication is possible, but there’s a good chance we’ll get Rike’s next adventure out to you some time in early 2016.

That’s it for now!


  1. Danielle @ Consuming Worlds

    Hearing all this makes me very very happy. Keep it up. Can’t wait to see all the new things you have in store for us. Keep chugging away. Red Tide at Morning is going to be great, (it already is) and I’m thankful I’m able to be along for the ride.

  2. daezarkian

    Thanks Danielle! =D

  3. Darren

    Just curious to know where your at in the veilfire trilogy(black fire) ?

    • Steven

      A (very) rough draft of the entire second trilogy has been written (and, I’ll admit, I’m pretty proud of it, at least from a plotting standpoint). The epic fantasy novels do take me a bit longer than my other works, but I’m planning to get back to them as soon as I’m done with “Dead Planet”, so “Black Fire” should be my first or second release of next year.

      Thanks Darren!


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