The Wilderness

Blackmarsh: Blackmarsh is a fetid bog, a large expanse of swampy marshlands dotted with clusters of gangly trees.  Blackmarsh was once a favorite staging ground for Ebon Cities strike teams, but even they have difficulty navigating its foul waters.

Bleeding Straits: A dangerously narrow channel that leads into the Ebonsand Sea far to the south, the Straits are supposedly controlled by a cadre of half-mad vampires who defected from the Ebon Cities.

Bloodnight River: A cold stretch of river linking Rimefang Loch to the Southern Claw city-states of Ath and Thornn.

The Bone Hills: A range of viciously barbed hills located between the Reach and Wolfland.  The Razortooth are replete with outlaws and wild creatures that battle both for and against both sides in the ongoing war.

Bone March: The March is an inhospitable cold desert whose black soil is only occasionally dotted by stagnant pools of water, pale trees, and small clusters of dark rock.  Mutated predators wander the blighted expanse of this grey wasteland.

Carrion Rift: An enormous canyon that stretches along the northern part of the known world, the Carrion Rift is the single largest physical evidence of the destruction wrought by The Black.  Shadowy horrors reside deep in the Rift’s unknown depths, and little is known of what lies north of the massive scar in the land.

Ebonsand Sea: A dark sea far to the south, the Ebonsand’s shore is lined with ancient ruins, and its waters teem with dangerous predators and aquatic undead.  While the Southern Claw essentially controls Rimefang Loch, the Ebon Cities bear the stronger presence in the Ebonsand.

The Grim Lands: A hostile, lifeless desert deep in Ebon Cities territory, the amply named Grim Lands are devoid of all but the most isolated and ruined structures.  Undead regularly patrol the sandy wastes in search of occasional desert nomads and refugees.

Nightblood River: A fast-moving, ice-cold river that runs between Rimefang Loch and the Ebonsand Sea, connecting numerous Southern Claw city-states along the way.

The Plains of Frost: A slick, lifeless wasteland of unnatural cold sand and ice.  The Plains of Frost are an arcane blight created by the experiments of the Ebon Cities in their endless drive to replicate human magic.

The Reach: A vast winter wasteland east of Thornn, the Reach bears numerous hostile creatures, the most noted of which are the Gorgoloth: ebon-skinned, white-maned savages who thrive on the destruction of other life forms.  The shells of cities from before The Black litter the Reach like bones, and lost ghosts are said to haunt the winter wastes.

Rimefang Loch: A massive freshwater sea populated with strange aquatic humanoids, pirates and watery creatures, the Loch is in many ways the frontlines of the war, as Southern Claw and Ebon Cities forces clash in the center of the dire sea day and night.  Little is known of the dozens of small islands that litter the Loch, as the constant fighting and presence of dangerous indigenous creatures like the Dracaj has made exploration all but impossible.

Scorpion Desert: A harsh desert far to the east, the Scorpion Desert is a largely uninhabited wasteland populated only by desert nomads, the distant and mysterious Lith, and dangerous and unnatural creatures born of sand and fire.

Skull Plains: A pale desert filled with broken stones and crooked canyons.  The plains are heated by shallow reserves of magma that flow under the surface, rendering the plains unstable and dangerous to navigate.

Wolfland: A rugged cluster of hills and winter lowlands near the southeastern tip of the Bone Hills.  Per its namesake, Woflland is densely populated by massive Bloodwolves, the favored mounts of the Ebon Cities cavalry.  The vampires send teams to capture Bloodwolf pups and return them to the Ebon Cities.

Wormwood: The Wormwood is a large and blighted forest, a dead and corrupted place filled with necrotic soil saturated with foul magical energies.  Black blood flows through the Wormwood like water, giving rise to mutated creatures who roam the forest.  Ancient ruins of worlds merged to Earth during The Black stand buried within the folds of diseased trees.