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The Last Post of 2012: My Christmas Vacation

I should probably post something profound here.  Something about how I’m looking forward to the new year; how I’m not making resolutions, because Lib and I try our best to improve every day, rather than waiting to make some empty promises at the end of the year; or about how 2012 was very fun, very busy, very tough, and yet very rewarding.

But I’ve honestly been too swamped working on the final round of edits for THE WITCH”S EYE and enjoying my week-long vacation from my day-job to do a big post this week, so instead I’ll leave you with three random thoughts:

1) THE WITCH’S EYE will be released on January 21st, come hell or high water.  It’ll be challenging due to an incredibly hectic early year schedule (in the next 2 weeks we have Year-End Close and an audit at work, a ton of doctor’s appointments for the kids including an overnight study, my daughter will finally be starting community college, and Lib will celebrate her birthday), but I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again.  Besides, this thing is starting to drive me nuts.  I need to get it out of here and move on to Book 6.

2) While 2012 was a successful sales year for me, I’m still not to the point where I can quit my day job.  In fact, sales peaked around mid-year and then dropped off considerably, so clearly I have a ways to go.  So expect me to keep on cranking out the books in 2013!

3) Our Christmas holiday was fantastic.  We may not have flown to Paris or sailed to the moon, but we spent a lot of quality time together and had a terrific Christmas break.  We even got some snow (see below)!

Everyone have a safe and happy New Year’s, and have a terrific 2013!


The naked tree.

The naked tree.


Lib setting up the Christmas Pyramid.

Lib setting up the Christmas Pyramid.


We didn't actually have a White Christmas, but we had a White Pre-Christmas

We didn’t actually have a White Christmas, but we had a White Pre-Christmas


Santa's bounty, with a note courtesy of my son.

Santa’s bounty, with a note courtesy of my son.


Santa's Cookies: The Director's Cut

Santa’s Cookies: The Director’s Cut


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