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The Fill Your Christmas eReader Sale!

What? You got a E-Reader for Christmas! You don’t say!

Well, get out there and grab yourself a quality, low-cost ebook.  Check out the list below for dozens of quality items on sale!

Most of these promotions only last until the 28th (just another 24 hours, since I’m late to the party), spo grab ’em now!


Dark Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Steven Montano – Blood Skies (Book 1) – US link: UK link:

Bruce Blake – On Unfaithful Wings (An Icarus Fell Novel #1) – US link: UK link:

Bruce Blake – All Who Wander Are Lost (An Icarus Fell Novel #2) – US link: UK link:

Epic Fantasy

Autumn M. Birt – Born of Water – US link UK Link:

Bruce Blake – Blood of the King (Khirro’s Journey Book 1) – US link: UK link:

Scott Bury – The Bones of the Earth – US link: UK link:

Paranormal Fantasy

Gary Henry – American Goddesses – Smashwords:

Short Stories – Literary Fiction

Beverly Akerman – The Meaning of Children – US link: UK link:

Short Stories – Mystery/Adventure/Fantasy

Gary Henry – What Happened to Jory and Other Dark Departures – Smashwords:


Cinta Garcia de la Rosa – The Funny Adventures of Little Nani – US link: UK link:

Middle Grade

Vickie Johnstone – Kiwi in Cat City – magical cat series (6 books) – US link: Link:

Young Adult Contemporary

Renee Pace – Off Leash – US link: UK link:

Young Adult – Action Adventure

K.D.Emerson – Digitus 233 – US link: UK link:


Adam Gaffen – Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Viscount’s Butler – US link: UK link:

Adam Gaffen – Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Missing Date – US link: UK link:

Cozy Mystery

Brad Fleming – Inky Black – The Case of the Missing Moggy – US link: UK Link:

Brad Fleming – An Inky Black Story – A Hard Day at the Office – US link: UK Link:

Science Fiction

Adam Gaffen – A Deadly Quest (The Cassidy Chronicles) – US link: UK link:

Adam Gaffen – Run Like Hell (The Cassidy Chronicles) – US link: UK link:

Adam Gaffen – Refuge – US link: UK link:

Adam Gaffen – The Longest Night – US link: UK link:

Adam Gaffen – Who Watches the Watchers? – US link : UK link:


Blaithin O’Reilly Murphy – The Meaning of Purple Tulips – US link: UK link:

Regency Romance

Kymber Lee – Lord Tristan’s True Love – U.S link: UK Link:

Romantic Comedy

Vickie Johnstone – 3 Heads & a Tail – US link: UK link:

Erotic Dark Fantasy

M. Peters – Undisclosed Desire – US link: UK link:

Erotic Paranormal

Renee Field – A Siren’s Wish – US link: UK link:


Joe McCoubrey – Death by Licence – US link: UK link:

Brad Fleming – Role of Dishonour – US link: UK link:

Christian Inspiration

DeEtte Beckstead – The Christmas Visitors – US Link: UK Link:

Allison Bruning – Reflections: Poems and Essays – US Link: UK Link:


Vickie Johnstone – Life’s Rhythms – 316 Haiku – US link: UK link:

Non-Fiction: Adventure Travel

Autumn M. Birt & Adam P. Paul – Danger Peligros – US Link: UK Link: Smashwords:

Non-Fiction: Memoir

Alycia Neighbours – Deciding to Dance – US link: UK link:

Alycia Neighbours – Wake Up In the Mourning – US link: UK link:

Non-Fiction: Self Help

Jamesina Greene – Help! I Don’t Like Myself – US link : UK link:

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