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The Blood Skies Q&A, Part 1: The Q

Yes, I’m stealing this idea from Jen Kirchner (who by her own admission stole it from Amber West), but with one vastly important difference.  Unlike Jen, I already share far too much about myself online, from my daughter’s epilepsy to my outdoor adventures to my feelings about sporks.  And yes, I blog a lot about my writing, but mostly in very broad strokes.

That being said, I thought I’d take the opportunity to address questions (if there are any) regarding Blood Skies (any of the books), The Skullborn Trilogy, or (heaven forbid) my horror novels (something black… and the perpetually delayed Blood Angel Rising).

I don’t care what the questions are – I’m open to pretty much anything.  Want to know about Cross’s favorite food?  Confused as to what the Deadlands are?  Wonder why I misuse the word “arcane”?  Curious if a character will return?  Wondering how the heck the Lith eat?


Whatever the question is, fire away!  The sky is the limit.  (And, yes, if you absolutely insist on asking me personal questions, I’ll answer those too, though by this point there can’t be much I haven’t already blogged about.)

I’ll leave the floor open for questions until August 13th.  Answers will be posted on August 20th.

So how do you ask?  Easy!

–          Leave your question as a comment on this post

–          Shoot me an email at

–          Tweet me at @Daezarkian (or send me a Direct Message)

–          Message me on Facebook, or leave a comment on the Blood Skies fan page

–          Send me a smoke signal (not a guaranteed delivery method)



    • Daezarkian

      See “Smoke Signals”, above. ;D

  1. Jen Kirchner

    I have a question! You now have two series lodged securely in the dark fantasy genre (Blood Skies and The Skullborn Trilogy) and they’re both terrific. However, they’re both dark fantasy. So I suppose my question is two-fold. First, do you plan on breaking into different genres in the future? Not that I want you to, I’m just curious if you have plans(tm). Second, if you could write in any genre–even if it meant having to publish it under a pen name–what would your guilty pleasure genre be?

    Thanks. 😀

    • Daezarkian

      Great question, Jen….dammit, I might have to actually think about that one… ;D

  2. Danielle @ Consuming Worlds

    Okay, first question…..(I’ll go easy on you for this one)

    You create amazing creatures and monsters twisting what we have come to expect from them in fantasy. How do you keep it original? And where in the heck do all your ideas come from?

    That’s it for now. 🙂

    • Daezarkian

      Thanks for going easy on me. ;D

  3. Danielle @ Consuming Worlds

    Okay, next question. Let’s imagine if you will that you are up against every baddie you have created in both the Blood Skies Series and The Skullborn Triology. We all know that is a lot, feel free to take a minute to think of all your enemies. Go ahead I don’t mind.

    Now imagine that all these baddies have you surrounded, you look around you and realize that there is no Eric Cross or Azander Dane to back you up. They are out having a round, sorry. Knowing you are on your own, you search your pockets, only to realize you have nothing but a lemon and tweezers. (Don’t ask why you have a lemon in your pocket, I don’t know. After all, it is your pocket).

    Armed with nothing but a lemon and your tweezers how do you defeat this overwhelming herd of wicked baddies?

    Good luck 😉

    • Daezarkian

      LOL — nice!


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