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Steve’s Writerly Update: Another Busy Week…

It seems like things never slow down around here.

City of Scars: I passed the halfway mark on CITY OF SCARS this weekend.  Keep in mind this is a re-write of an old novel, so it’s about 75% revision and 25% adding new material, but I’m still pleased with the progress.  The style is a little different from how I’ve grown accustomed to writing with the Blood Skies books, but I’ve decided to nurture the differences.  Whereas the Blood Skies novels have been singled out for their stylistic prose, The Skullborn Trilogy promises to be a bit more grounded, and maybe a bit more accessible for new readers.  We’ll see.

5,000 Sales: Speaking of Blood Skies, I hit a milestone earlier this month: 5,000 lifetime sales for the Blood Skies series since Book 1 went live back in June 2011.  Small potatoes for some, huge for me, and I’d like to thank everyone who’s helped support me in this crazy journey so far.  I couldn’t have done it without you.

01 Blood Skies

Crucifix Point: I also had a major brainstorm this weekend, so I started work on an exciting new project: CRUCIFIX POINT, the third Tales of a Blood Earth short story.  This 20,000 words novella (roughly 80 pages) will be a bit different from the previous two installments…but I don’t want to say too much just yet.  Stay tuned for details (including a sneak-peek coming later this week on the Guild of Dreams site).

Great Indie Reads: I finished up Bruce Blake’s The Blood of the King this weekend, and loved it.  Check out my review here on Goodreads.  It was a bit of a challenge to decide what to read next, but I decided to follow up with Annie Wall’s Taking on the Dead, a zombie apocalypse novel I’ve been meaning to check out for some time.  Candice Bundy’s The Daemon Whisperer, Michael R. Hicks’s Empire: In Her Name, Scott Whitmore’s Carpathia, Jen Kirchner’s The Fourth Channel, Joe Hart’s Singularity and Rhiannon Frater’s Last Bastion of the Living are all on my list, as well…so I guess I’d better learn to read a little faster, eh?

Kindleboards: Finally, Blood Skies is one of Kindleboards featured Free Books of the Day!  Normally I say “we don’t need no stinking badges”, but this is one badge I’ll wear with honor. =D

Tune back in on Wednesday to learn all about my (Warning: Geek Alert!) 10 Favorite Dungeons & Dragons Adventures.  In the meantime, have a great week!

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