Six-Sentence Sunday: An Excerpt from CROWN OF ASH

Posted on Aug 18, 2012 | 8 comments

Welcome to Six-Sentence Sunday!

CROWN OF ASH releases this coming Monday, 8/20.  It’s been a long haul to get here, but the end is in sight, so I share with you one final snippet from Book 4 in the Blood Skies saga.

In this scene, Kane and the team are racing towards the ruins of a blasted city in a desperate attempt to save their friends.  Kane, in a rare moment of calm, faces the grim reality of the situation.


For a few minutes, while the rickety airship flew low over black waters and the sun started to set and they approached the ruined city-state of Voth Ra’morg, Kane sat alone.  He longed for things to return to a place they never could.  He was afraid, so afraid, because he knew this couldn’t end well, that more of them would die.  A fist of pure fear slammed down his spine. 

He would do what he had to do, and he would fight to his last breath to save his friends.  But Kane knew they were already lost.


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  1. Awe…such a sense of hopelessness… Congrats on the release! If you think of it–tweet it to me and I’ll RT it for you, Steven. :-)

  2. Congrats Steven!!! A nice quiet moment of reflection before the storm sets in.. wonderful!

  3. Teresa’s right, you’ve done a great job creating a hopeless ambiance. Good luck with your release!

  4. I love the image of the fear being like a fist. Great snippet :)

  5. Excellent snippet Steven and congratulations on the release.

  6. Chilling. He’s helpless against his despair and so is the reader.

  7. Thank you so much everyone — sorry I couldn’t respond earlier, I was out on all-day adventure with the family. =D

    Have a great week!

  8. “A fist of pure fear slammed down his spine.”: You know a character is facing something incredibly fierce when it’s a fistful of fear that’s slamming into him inside of a delicate shiver. Congrats on the release!

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