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Red Tide At Morning

A Malcom Stone Mystery
Red Tide At Morning

A dead girl on the beach. A college student found tortured to death in an abandoned cottage. An ex-soldier with a history of violence. A small-time drug lord whose influence is on the rise. A mysterious woman watching from the shadows. A camera pointed the wrong way.

Something dangerous is happening in Raven’s Passage.

Retired Detective Malcolm Stone hoped to never work another murder case ever again. After the tragic death of his partner on the harrowing streets of Philadelphia, all Mal wanted was to come home to the quiet Pacific Northwest island he grew up on and get on with his life. But when a shocking double homicide shakes the community, Mal finds himself pulled back into a world he thought he’d left behind.

Along with his step-sister Lara — a troubled loner with a keen investigative mind — Malcolm digs deep into the lives of the two dead girls, uncovering scars and secrets best left alone. Surrounded by suspects ranging from an ambitious drug dealer and his delinquent son to the psychotic ex-flame of one of the victim’s fathers, Malcolm and Lara race to find a connection between the victims and uncover the truth…before a deadly killer strikes again.