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Blood Skies Omnibus

Blood Skies books 1-3 & Crucifix Point
Blood Skies Omnibus

Vampires.  Magic.  War.

Welcome to the world After the Black.

This collected edition includes the first three novels of the Blood Skies saga — BLOOD SKIES, BLACK SCARS andSOULRAZOR — plus the all-new short story CRUCIFIX POINT.

Completely re-edited and featuring exciting new cover art by Barry Currey, the BLOOD SKIES OMNIBUS is a must-have for any Dark Fantasy or Military Sci-Fi collection!


Southern Claw warlock Eric Cross is a member of Viper Squad, ordered to pursue the renegade witch called Red across a war-torn wasteland before she can betray vital secrets to the Ebon Cities.


Cross and a band of unlikely allies find themselves on the trail of a recently released evil  as it stalks the land in search of its ancient enemy, leaving a trail of madness and destruction in its wake.


Sent to investigate a series of mysterious vanishings in the wastelands, Cross and his newly-formed mercenary team learn the true fate of those killed during the massacre at Crucifix Point.


Cross and his team are tasked with halting enemy activity near the remote city-state of Fane, where vampire agents have teamed up with a former Revenger to locate a deadly weapon called Soulrazor.