Blogs I Visit Regularly (Presented Mostly Alphabetically):

Liberty Montano (My Extra Hawt Wife; High Mistress of Yarn, Creator of Colors, Stirrer of the Big Pot; Master of My Pillow)

Mike Berry (Speculative Fiction, Indie Author of the next book I plan to read)

Tamara Rose Blodgett (Paranormal Fiction Author and excellent Book Reviewer from the wilds of Alaska)

Kevin Breaux (Award-Winning Dark Fantasy and Horror Author, sweet site)

Alan Edwards (Dark Fantasy Author, fellow Accountant, witty blogger)

Carissa Elg (Sci-Fi Writer out of Minnesota, and the author of a very nicely written blog)

Syd Gill (My cover artist, an extraordinary graphic designer)

Chelsea Haller (Author of a wonderfully insightful blog that makes me wish I was a lot more insightful)

Michael R. Hicks (Bestselling Amazon author of the In Her Name science fiction/fantasy series and other novels)

Angela Hudson (Author of the excellent “Blood Knight” series from the Land Down Under)

Jen Kirchner (Urban Fantasy Author, host of a seriously cool online Choose Your Own Adventure fiction series)

Trina M. Lee (Paranormal Romance Author; heroine Alexa O’Brien would kick Anita Blake’s butt)

Evelyn Lefont (A Freelance Writer with lots of good advice, lots of opinions, and a lot of sass)

Joseph McGee (Musings on zombies, monkeys, clowns and tricycles.  The man is not well.)

E.J. Newman (Post-Apocalyptic Publishing…seriously, how can you NOT love that?!)

Jennifer L. Oliver (Writer & Muser of Poetry, and a heckuva nice lady for offering to link with me out of the blue)

Alisha Paige (Best-Selling Indie Author, Tribe Leader, Queen of Awesomeness)

L.R. Pruneda (aka Sharkbait, Author of Victory Lane and one of the nicest guys on the Internet)

Rachel Russell (YA High Fantasy Author, Confirmed Southern Belle, smart lady with the glasses to prove it)

Amanda Sanges (Author of The Pukking Grand Novels, a fellow author aspiring for big things)

Liz Schulte (Author of “Dark Corners”, ruler of Bat Country)

Icy Sedgwick (London-based writer, seriously entertaining, so talented it isn’t even funny)

Tanya Segal (Designer of websites, graphics – book cover artist and author.)

Ellie Soderstrom (MG Fantasy Author, book review editor, contributor to the excellent site “The Gig”)

Diana Trees (Excellent Erotic Horror Author; not for the faint of heart)