Enjoy this special message, courtesy of the vampires of “Blood Skies”.

In less than a week, your world will end.

We condemn you. We will burn your cities with black fire and cast you into cages of witched iron.  Your world will become a graveyard of dust and ash.

Our bloodwolves will chase you screaming through the countryside.  Your fear is our sport.  Our war machines will roll through your precious armies and break them like dolls.

The land will drown in your blood. We will drink and dine on your pain.

There is no escape.

When The Black comes, your world will be rewritten.  The seas will turn as dark as oil, and the skies will bleed.

Some of you will be allowed to live on as our slaves.  You will be introduced to our definition of pleasure.  No rite of yours is too sacred to be broken, and no taboo is inviolate.

Our rule is absolute.  We are neither forgiving nor fair, but to resist us is to invite unimaginable suffering.

With bone fliers and Shadowclaw hunters and necrotic artillery we will subjugate your cities.  We will impregnate your corpses with our power and our will.  We will turn your dead into our soldiers.

We have existed for millenia.  We have annihilated generations.  We will carve your souls out of your bodies and feast on your meat husks.

This fool whose voice we have stolen is merely chronicling your end.  You cannot stem the tide of our conquest.  You cannot hope to stand against our enumerate legions.

There is no escape.

We are an ancient power.  We sleep in chasms of the dead night.  We leak from the cuts of a darker realm.  We are darkness made flesh.

We want nothing from you but your destruction. There can be no satiating our hunger. We have waited so long for fresh meat to hunt, and you are that meat.

Prepare for the end of your world. The Black is coming, and we, the vampires of the Ebon Cities, come with it.

We are riders out of the black dawn. We are the standard bearers of a darker sunset.

Welcome to the end.