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GUIDED Blog Tour: Inspiration Is A Fickle Thing, a Guest Post by Danielle Young

For quite some time, I’ve been online friends with Danielle Young, a book blogger, author, promoter, chef, and all-around awesome person.  Danielle is always ready to lend an Indie author a hand.  Well, it’s time I returned the favor.

Danielle’s debut novel Guided recently debuted.  I had the pleasure of reading the first few chapters and thoroughly enjoyed them — there’s an unbridled energy and enthusiasm in her prose that really pulls you in, and I can’t wait to dive back into the completed work.  For my stop on her blog tour for Guided, I challenged Danielle to tell me about her inspirations.

Blog tour 2

Inspiration is fickle. It is something that hasn’t been at my beck and call since I was a child. It is something that I have to seek out. Sometimes those pieces of inspiration come from life, the scenery around me, my kids, books, and movies on the big screen.

When I first started writing Guided inspiration came from everywhere. It was one of the few times I didn’t have to seek it, all I had to do was open a page and the words would flow. Over time life happened and inspiration left me. I had to fight to get it back and I fight to keep it. Naturally some days are easier than others, but there are a few things that help inspiration flow.

Here are the 5 things that inspired me to write Guided…

1) First and foremost are my husband and boys. They constantly remind me to take things easy, laugh and have fun. They are what keeps me going and makes me want to write great stories. They are my life line.

This is my son Colby’s first selfie.

Colby Selfie


2) Music. All types of music. When I first started writing Guided inspiration came in the form of movie scores. Specifically, Pride and Prejudice and Twilight movie scores. Yes I said Twilight. Sheesh. Don’t judge me.

Here are two of my favorites… yes I know neither of these are from Twilight.

Jean-Yves Thibaudet – Marianelli: Dawn 

Jean-Yves Thibaudet – Marianelli: Your Hands Are Cold 

Now I listen to anything that moves me, which of course is always different.

3) I think my third biggest inspiration is TV. I get so many ideas from watching life play out on screen. I have always been fascinated with it, okay, maybe I am a little obsessed.

But of all the shows out there, one of my biggest inspirations for Guided has been Charmed. This was one of my favorite shows in High School, yes I know this dates me, and I still watch it on a regular basis, again no judging.


4) When inspiration was really hard to find my sister gave me some very sage advice. She told me to try and draw something before I sat down to write in order to turn on my creativity. It didn’t have to be anything specific or related to my book, it was just an outlet to get my creativity flowing. And you know what? It worked. Not only was I inspired to write after, but I was inspired to draw more.

Here’s a snapshot of one of those creativity sessions.

Drawing Session

That picture actually turned into fan art for another author’s book. Once I drew that writing was no problem. So I guess older siblings sometimes do know what they are talking about.

5) Last, but certainly not least, are friends. I may be the one actually writing but without my friends to back me up and keep me inspired I probably would have quit a long time ago. I have met a lot of talented people since I started blogging, each one of them amazingly talented and an inspiration to me. They have each touched my life in a way that I can never possibly repay. They all inspire me to be better and encourage me to keep at it. I know that they all have my back. I bug many of them on a regular basis for help with my book and they are always there, each and every one of them. I am one very lucky person. I know they know who they are, but I think they all deserve a shout out for putting up with me. Special thanks to Steven, Devri, Stephanie, Lou, Rebecca, Katie, Melanie, Michelle, Nicholle and Michele.


Book Info~


Title: Guided

Series: The Jade Ring Series book 1

Author: Danielle Young

Genre: YA Paranormal

Release Date: July 15, 2014


Book Blurb~

Jo is a descendant from the most powerful Wiccan family the world has ever known and is destined to be more powerful than those before her.

But she doesn’t even know it. As her powers awaken Jo discovers a threat to her family line.

Protected by her best friends, and GUIDED by her Angel protector, Jo must learn to harness her powers and discover her family secrets before time runs out.

More than her life hangs in the balance.

Goodreads | Amazon


About the Author~

Danielle is a first time author, who never imagined she would one day write a book. Then again there are a lot of things she never imagined happening. She lives in New Mexico with her husband, best friend and soul mate. And keeps the company of her five wonderful boys who keep her laughing and young. She currently teaches High School Culinary Arts where she gets to share her love of food and culinary creation with young minds. In her spare time she is a book blogger at Consuming Worlds, a food blogger at Culinary Brainchild, and a contributor at Dumb White Husband. She loves books, gaming, and watching a good movie.

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  1. Danielle @ Consuming Worlds

    Thank you so much for the great introduction Steven and thanks for all the continued support as an author and blogger! And thanks for being apart of the tour, it means the world to me.

    • daezarkian

      Of course, Danielle! =D


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