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Guest Post: Rob “Sharky” Pruneda and Indies Unite for Joshua

Rob Pruneda is, quite simply put, the nicest guy on the internet.  When Rob isn’t Tweeting about video games or posting on his quirky blog, he’s writing novels like “Pursuit of a Dream” and acting as an ardent supporter and spokesperson for the wonderful cause “Indies Unite for Joshua”.  It’s because of that very cause, in fact, that I invited Rob to come and guest post today to help spread the word.


Over the past several months I have been actively involved in supporting an IndieGoGo campaign called Indies Unite for Joshua. Through this amazing campaign, organized by the very talented and selfless Eden Baylee, people from around the world have united as a close-knit community to help a complete stranger. I have never met Joshua or his father Maxwell Cynn, and I never even knew who they were before Eden told me about them. So, why would I spend so much time and effort helping raise money for someone I don’t even know? After reading Max’s blog post and having lost my grandmother to cancer back in 2008, I didn’t have to think twice about doing whatever I could to help a fellow author’s son fight his battle against Leukemia. My reasons for joining Indies Unite for Joshua are simple: I have seen the effects of cancer first hand through family members and I simply felt that it was something I needed to do to try and make a difference.

So, for the past few months I have been actively participating in this worldwide campaign to help raise $10,000 in an effort to help defray some of the cost of Joshua’s treatment. With the rising cost of healthcare, even with insurance the treatment is still very expensive for the family. Every little bit helps. Many people have donated books and services as perks for those who can donate $10 or more.

As a campaign contributor, I have donated two e-book versions of my first book Pursuit of a Dream (Book 1 of Victory Lane: The Chronicles) and a couple of author spotlights at I am also donating 100% of all royalties generated from purchases of my book at Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. If you like auto racing, you may enjoy reading this story about a boy pursuing his dream of becoming a professional stock car driver. The story is character driven and has a lot more to offer than just racing, so you don’t necessarily need to be a fan of racing to enjoy this novel. If it’s still not your cup of tea, but you still want to help Indies Unite for Joshua reach the $10,000 goal, I encourage you to visit the campaign site for more details on how you can help and consider giving any amount you can. Even $1 makes a difference!

Donations of $10 or more have various perks including eBooks, autographed print editions, and various services. The campaign has been very successful and it really amazes me on how people from all over the world have had a hand in making it such a success. I’ve never seen so many people pull together with such tremendous support for someone they don’t even know as I have seen while involved in this campaign. It has truly been a rewarding experience to be a part of!

Indies Unite for Joshua is about to cross the finish line, and we are so close to reaching that $10,000 goal to help Joshua. I would like to end this guest post with a message directly from Joshua’s father David Moore (a.ka. author Maxwell Cynn). In it he talks about Joshua’s diagnosis, explains the details of Acute T-Cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia, and he expresses his heartfelt gratitude for those who have shown their love and support over the past several months. I have to admit, I got a little teary-eyed when I first watched this video:

I want to thank Steven Montano for inviting me to be his guest at, and I also look forward to having him visit very soon with a guest post of his own. A special thanks goes out to all of Steven’s fans who have taken the time to read this post, and I thank you in advance for those who decide to contribute to the Indies Unite for Joshua campaign.

Robert “Sharky” Pruneda is author of Pursuit of a Dream (Book 1 of Victory Lane: The Chronicles) published by AuthorHouse in 2004; the revised e-Book edition of “Pursuit of a Dream” was released for the Kindle on September 10, 2011 and is now available in other formats.

Robert (or “Sharky” as he has come to be known as by many of his friends) operates an administrative support business from home and has also worked as an obituaries coordinator and advertising sales consultant at the local newspaper in his home town.

He has recently taken up writing fiction again and is currently working on a horror/thriller tentatively titled The Devil’s Nightmare, which he plans to publish in October 2012. He is very active in social media, mainly via Twitter, and enjoys connecting with other writers and helping to promote their work.

You can follow Robert “Sharky” Pruneda on Twitter @SharkbaitWrites and follow his author site and blog at

“Pursue your dreams… and never look back!”


  1. eden baylee

    Fab post, Sharky. Thank you for your tremendous support from day one.


    • Rob "Sharky" Pruneda

      Eden, thank you for thinking of me when you began organizing the Indies Unite for Joshua campaign. I have truly enjoyed being a part of such a successful event. You are the one everyone should be thanking because of all the hard work that you have done putting this whole thing together (and even more work to come after the campaign is over).


      Rob “Sharky”

  2. Dannie Hill

    Great choice for a guest post, Steve. So many great people have put in time, money, prayers and just plan hard work for Joshua Moore! Sharky fits in all those categories. And I agree that he is one of the nicest people on the internet!

    Great job Rob and Steve.

    I’ve read Pursuit of a Dream and it is a great book! I’ve also just ordered Blood Skies and look forward to reading it soon.

    • Daezarkian

      Thank you, Dannie!



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