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Graduation Thursday

My little girl is graduating from high school today.

And my little heart is just a teensy-bit bit broken.

We’re so very proud of her, so proud of how she’s matured and all of the work she’s done, especially in these past few months.  And yet I don’t want today to happen, don’t want her to grow up, don’t want her to be more than the little girl who named every doll “Flowerpretty” and who danced ballet in her pink tutu and who was obsessed with “Lion King” and whose favorite lunch of all-time was macaroni and cheese with Pork N’ Beans.




Well, suck it up, Steve, because she’s a big girl now.  She likes classic rock and 80s hair-metal, she reads urban fantasy about shape-shifters, she watches hours upon hours of Grey’s Anatomy.  She’s had a boyfriend, been to prom and homecoming games, and pretty soon she will, with luck, be enrolled in some college courses to pursue a career in Graphic Design.




No, I tell myself…she isn’t.  None of that can be true.  Because she’s 6 years old, climbing on rocks in the backyard and chasing the dog.  She’s 2, sitting in a high-chair and eating Twix yogurt.  She’s 9, taking her brother to school to use him for her Show-and-Tell project.  She’s 13, playing Dungeons & Dragons with the family and rescuing every monster in the game, sometimes even when they’re trying to eat her character.

She’s my little girl, and she always will be.  Her future is bright.  It’s been a struggle at times, and there will be more struggles to come, but she’s tough, and she knows we have her back.

Congratulations, Angel.  We love you.

(And since I’m crying now, I’ll leave you a message, dear readers – parents, non-parents, anyone, everyone…don’t take anything for granted.  One day they’re fighting over who pushed who first, and the next they’re tall enough to turn on the lights to their room without any help, old enough to cook dinner for the family, and charming enough to light up a room.  Be sure to cherish every single day.)

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