The Creatures and Races of the World of BLOOD SKIES, Part 3

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This is a three part glossary, with notes on creatures and races presented in alphabetical order. Last week we covered Gorgoloth, Grey Clan, Lith, Maloj, Regost, Sorn & Soulweavers.

When Earth melded with other worlds during the cataclysm that came to be known as The Black, the populations of those alien realms blended with ours.  Suddenly humans weren’t alone anymore, and we’ve had to learn to deal with (or fight against) our new inhuman neighbors.

Here are some of the more prominent non-human races and creatures with whom we share our shattered world:



Enormous red-skinned cross-breeds of Doj and Gorgoloth, the Troj are a foul bastard race with incredible regenerative capacity and a single-minded drive to inflict pain and suffering.  The Troj hail from the island of Galdar, where rumor holds that they were specially bred for war by insane warlocks who sell them on the black market to be used as soldiers and raiders.

The Troj are eight-feet tall with scaly red skin, bat-like ears and narrow maws of sharp teeth.  Their brutish minds are artificially infused with military tactics and strategy, and though physically intimidating it’s their powerful armaments, ability to quickly heal wounds and penchant for relentless cruelty that make them so fearsome.


Rather than go into great detail on all of the various undead creatures that inhabit the world After the Black, a brief summary of the more well-known varieties are covered below.

Kaithoren: Formless blobs of oozing undead proptoplasm, a kaithoren most closely resembles a floating mass of green ooze tethered together by razored ganglia and bladed tentacles.  Sometimes the floating horrors bear toothed maws.

Lich: A lich is a highly intelligent and often fragile undead creature closely resembling both zombies and vampires.  The majority of lich encountered by the Southern Claw have been scientists with little combat ability.

Magewraith: A recent attempt to infuse undead with the power of sorcery, Magewraiths are mated revenants charged with incredible destructive power so uncontrollable they’re only deployed into areas meant to be utterly razed.

RazorwingRazorwing: Large, leathery reptiles roughly the size of jet fighters, these draconic beasts are fearless and formidable.  With keen claws and fangs capable of slicing through bone and steel, Razorwings are ruthlessly loyal to their vampire masters, who often ride in small attack units on special platforms on the monster’s backs.

Revenant: Faster, intelligent zombies, revenants, like vampires, retain some semblance of abilities and skills they possessed in life so as to make them more efficient soldiers.  With flesh specially cured to halt the deterioration of their bodies, revenants are frighteningly powerful and cunning, and often serve as lieutenants in the vampire ranks.

ScarecrowScarecrow: Giant revenants with less intelligence but much more physical resilience, Scarecrows are nine-foot tall, emaciated undead programmed with advanced military tactics and granted formidable weapons and armor by their New Koth masters.

War Wight: Bigger, meaner cousins to zombies, war wights combine human intellect and cunning with a vampire’s fortitude.  War wights bear considerable claws capable of hewing through flesh and armor.  These creatures are field leaders and specialists, and often receive training as assassins.

Witchborn: A terrifying Ebon Cities experiment that infuses vampires with arcane abilities, the Witchborn are pale and monstrous creatures with unpredictable destructive powers and the ability to infect other vampires with their necrotic disease.

Wraith: Incorporeal undead of low intelligence, wraiths are free-floating and malicious spirits who seek out the living in order to do them harm.  Some wraiths exist as pure fire or freezing energy, and these “flamewraiths” or “frostwraiths” are even more dangerous, serving as scouts or shock troops for their vampire masters.

Zombies: Drone undead, fast and resilient.  Contrary to popular belief, zombies range in intelligence from near mindless minions to those allowed to retain most of their intellect even after their reanimation.  While not particularly difficult to kill, zombies are cheap and easy to animate, and can be deployed in great droves.




The most prominent and elite of the undead, the sadistic masters of the Ebon Cities are militaristic, cruel, and bloodthirsty.  Vampires are tightly organized and viciously segregated within their own ranks, and they pride themselves on their ancient schools of elite warfare and dark magic.  Since their appearance on Earth in the wake of The Black, the vampires sole drive has been the utter subjugation or destruction of the human race.  Whether they wage this brutal campaign out of malice or some deeper motive remains to be seen.

Physically vampires appear very similar to humans, save for their exceedingly pale complexion and above average height (vampire males average six-and-a-half feet tall, while females are roughly six feet tall).  Vampires are lightweight for their size, and tend to be muscular and lean.  Their hair is uniformly black, and most often long; their eyes lack pupils, and are similarly pitch.  Vampires bear fangs and claws of a dark bone-like material.

Vampire technology is incredibly advanced, and while much of it is utterly alien in nature their necrotic and soul-energy powered weapons and vehicles are every bit as formidable as anything produced by human engineering or magic.


Pale-skinned humanoids with superhuman metabolism and temperaments that wildly vary from calm and stoic to suicidal and psychotic, the tight-lipped and broad-shouldered Vuul eke out existences as soldiers, mercenaries, criminals and gladiators.  Most choose not to associate with humans, though bands of Vuul are uncommon, and the creatures are mostly encountered alone.

Roughly human-sized but always densely muscled and bald, Vuul’s largely transparent skin flushes dark with their black blood when the creatures grow angry or exercise their powerful healing abilities.  Little is known of the Vuul aside from their tendency to live mercenary existences and avoid staying in one place for very long.

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