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Coming your way June 7th.


From the author The Rike Chronicles, The Skullborn Trilogy, Red Tide At Morning and Blood Skies comes a collection of short tales straight from the heart of darkness. At times horrific, at times tender, at times profoundly bizarre, Love Scenes from the Black Market is speculative horror fiction that peels back the layers of reality to expose the cold truths locked beneath.

A band of slavers bites off more they can chew when they face the horror of the “Black Dogs”. A desperate woman discovers the truth about herself in her journey through the world’s grim final days in “Carnivore”. A mercenary and his team hunt down costumed crusaders who’ve done more bad than good in “Supers”. A young witch experiences the brutal history of a despicable artifact in “The Slaver’s Chain”.

Through war-torn epic kingdoms to a boy’s haunted backyard to the edges of the Auran Galaxy, the 16 tales from Love Scenes from the Black Market will take you on a harrowing journey across the twisted fantastic landscape of the human condition.

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