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Contest 1.1

Thank you to the handful of brave souls who have entered the “Blood Skies” giveaway contest to win a free copy of the novel.

I’ve received several personal comments that have left me a tad disheartened about the contest itself, however.  Things like “That’s hard”, “I may have to think about that”, “I have no idea where to even start”, and “What the $!@# is wrong with you?” among the most popular.  It seems in my attempt to avoid coming up with a contest idea on my own, I presented a challenge that may have proved a tad too difficult to encourage easy participation.

But even though participation in the contest has been minimal, “Blood Skies” has received a TON of love from people sharing my recent promotional posts on Twitter and Facebook (and likely elsewhere), particularly since I posted the cover art.  I’ve also received numerous shout outs and private messages from people expressing enthusiasm about the release.

So, as a way of saying thank you, if you’ve Re-Tweeted or Shared information about “Blood Skies” since Monday of this week (when I first posted the cover art), I’ve automatically entered you into the drawing for a FREE copy of “Blood Skies” when it releases.  (And I’ve upped the total number of copies I’m giving away.)  That’s right — you may have entered without even knowing it…or even wanting to!  Too bad for you!  HA HA!!!  (How’s THAT for involving your audience!)  =D

Anyone who Re-Tweets or Shares anything that I post about “Blood Skies” between now and June 7th will also be entered.  (If you’re doing so in a way that doesn’t involve Twitter or Facebook, you may want to comment here so that I know what you’ve done.)  In the meantime, the original contest continues for those who wish to participate.

Thank you very much to everyone for all of the support.



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