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We Carry On

Thank you very much to everyone for the heartfelt words I’ve received here and in all of my online social spheres.  I truly appreciate your support.

Just thought I’d give a quick update on the state of Steve’s world:

* My brother’s funeral is this Saturday, so I’ll briefly sojourn to the world of Colorado.  I’m not a huge fan of going back to my home state, but these things happen.

* I finished the rough draft of “The Last Acolyte” (or whatever the sci-fi project is going to be called).  At 106,000 words (written in three and a half weeks!) it actually came out a bit shorter than anticipated, but I really enjoyed writing the novel and I look forward to editing (and to writing the sequels).

* Edits continue on “The Black Tower”, the conclusion to the Skullborn Trilogy, the first of three planned trilogies chronicling the epic fantasy world of Malzaria.  I’ve received the cover from Barry (it’s spectacular, as ever), and I’ll be starting the sign-up process for the cover reveal and blog tour in the next month or so.  Stay tuned.

* My career at my last job is over (no more 50 hour work weeks), and by the time this hits the blogosphere I’ll be at my second day on the job at mophie, a cell-phone battery case manufacturer based out of California (though, for reasons unknown, their finance team is located here in Kalamazoo, which is lucky for me).

* My family has finally moved into our new house, and we’re settling in nicely.  My wife and I were commenting the other day how after just a couple of weeks it already feels like home.

It feels silly to be talking about writing, jobs, etc.  These things seem somehow trivial in light of my brother’s passing, but I know they aren’t.  This day-to-day business, these details, this life…this is what we’re here for.  Hold onto the things you love, the people you love.  Cherish them each and every day.  Live.

That’s how we deal with the hardships we have to face, the pain.  Like my good friend Eric Cross once realized about himself and Danica:

“Together they’d learned that the only way to live with loss was to carry on.”

So we carry on.  And hope for the best.


  1. Danielle @ Consuming Worlds

    Great advice Steven. We should cherish everyday.

    Congratulations on your new job, I totally missed your announcement. This is what happens when I can’t be on Twitter during the day. I miss things.

    And congratulations on finishing your book. I’m ready to dive in, to anything you throw at me 😉

    Keep your head up.

    • Steven

      Thank you, Danielle. I really appreciate it.


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