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After-the-Fact Crown of Ash Blog Tour

Normally, blog tours are a) announced in advance, and b) planned.

Yeah, that didn’t happen for me.  I had a ton of super-cool people help me out with the Crown of Ash release, but most everything happened on the same day.  With all of that, it’s easy to lose some of the great support I had in the shuffle.  So, per my super-homie Jen Kirchner’s request, here’s a list of every site that highlighted the release of Crown of Ash in one form or another.

August 18

Interview at Xenoformat Book Blog

August 19

Excerpt at Life Defined

Review and Giveaway at Fantasy Cookie

August 20

Excerpt at The Happy Nerd

Interview and Excerpt at Jen Kirchner’s Blog

Review by Craig McGray

Excerpt at Gunpowder Fantasy

Release day blurb at Guild of Dreams, as well as the sites of those Guild authors not already mentioned above: Bruce Blake, Emily Ward, Chantal Boudreau, and Tami Parrington

August 21

Excerpt at D.H. Nevin’s Blog

Review at Hodgepodge Galore

August 22

Interview at My Addiction

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