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A New Job, Less Time, and What’s Coming Up

You wouldn’t think that being out of work for a mere 2 months would be enough to throw off your proverbial groove.

I’m working again, at least for the moment.  Right now my position as a staff accountant is only temporary,  but I fully anticipate receiving an offer for permanent employ very shortly.  Now, accounting is accounting the world over, but there’s quite a bit that’s different about working at a quaint but profitable heater company up in Battle Creek, MI than working at Wizards of the Coast back in Renton, WA…

– Formality.  I haven’t worked anywhere that required business attire in quite some time.  I don’t how in the hell some men wear ties every day.  That would drive me psychotic.  Now, lucky for me, the place I’ve been working isn’t “business” but “business casual”, which carries a significantly different meaning in Michigan than it does in Seattle.  In Seattle, “business casual” means a tee-shirt without too many holes in it and remembering to wear pants; in Michigan it means you don’t have to wear a tie with your button-up shirt.

Some guy better looking than I am in a suit.

Some guy better looking than I am in a suit.

– Working for a small business is much different than working for a big business.  Well “duh”, you might say.  (And you’d be well within your rights, of course.)  To make it simple: the emphasis is different.  There are some things small businesses don’t worry about that big businesses really freak out over (“Every job function MUST have an approved Procedure!”), and what may seem enormous to a small business is by comparison small potatoes to a big business.  (Example: A customer refuses to pay his $500 past due invoice. Small business: “Oh my God we won’t make quarter revenue projections!”. Big business: “Meh. Write it off.”)

– Commute. I blogged at length about my bus/train/walking commute I had in Washington.  Here, at least for the moment, I’m driving. And it sucks. Those people* are psychos. (*Drivers. And maybe squirrels.)

A typical commuter.

A typical commuter.

– Stricter business atmosphere.  I’ll be the first to admit I was spoiled working at Wizards of the Coast, where personal calls and internet usage were no big deal, provided they didn’t interfere with getting work done.  The overall attitude is a bit less relaxed here.  No big deal — that’s probably the way it should be, really — but not being able to check personal e-mail or be active on social media during the work day is taking some getting used to.  (I have yet to join the 21st century and acquire a Smartphone, though my cell phone does allow me to sneak out a Tweet or two every now and again.)

So what does all of this mean?  Well, the biggest thing is that this work schedule, these changes and this commute will greatly reduce my so-called “online presence”.  With less time available, I’ll have to spend more of it writing and editing and less of it blogging and interacting on social media.  Frankly, that kind of stinks, but I have to work with what I’ve got. Some may take the opposite approach, choosing to maximize their blogs and SEOs and let the books take care of themselves, but I’m all about the writing, folks, and I’d rather spend my off-time churning out stories.

Now, that being said, I’ll still be on Twitter and Facebook as often as possible, but I imagine my “blogginess” is going to have to take a hit, and don’t be surprised if it takes a bit longer than usual for me to respond to Tweets and e-mails.  To help compensate, I’m reducing my marketing Tweets roughly in half, and I’ll try to make whatever blog posts I actually do have time to throw together worth the wait.


The most important piece to being a writer is writing.

The most important piece to being a writer is…writing.

Now, seeing how it’s 2014 (holy crap time flies!), here’s a quick update:

Path of Bones is on track for its February 7th release.  Book 2 of the Skullborn Trilogy is really shaping up quite nicely, and at over 125,000 words the tale of Dane and Ijanna’ s quest against evil is chock full of awesome stuff: a trip to a Phage-controlled city, a new team of Jlantrian bounty hunters, a magical disease that affects numerous characters, and a battle royale in the ruins of a forgotten city.  Look for the Path of Bones cover reveal on January 24th, and jump onboard for the blog tour!

– In addition to Path of Bones, I have 2 more releases planned for 2014 — Vampire Down (Blood Skies Book 7, my current WIP) and The Black Tower (the conclusion to The Skullborn Trilogy) — and one more possible release in Blood Angel Rising, which I’m likely to keep screwing around with until I turn blue in the face.

– And, finally, as you might have noticed, we’ve got a brand new look for the website, as well as a new URL.  Let us know what you think!

Hope you had a safe and happy holiday season, and here’s looking forward to a butt-kicking 2014!


  1. Danielle @ Consuming Worlds

    First allow me to say that I am digging the new site sir!

    Second glad to hear you would rather put blogging stuff on the side and write. I want more books anyway! Not that I don’t love your blogging because I do.

    As far as tweeting goes I am sad to not see you on as much during the day, but I’m not either anymore, so pardon me for getting a little happy about not missing anything. Hate how work get’s in the way of the important stuff like Twitter! What the hell work?!

    And third good luck with the new job! Hope it turns into a permanent gig!

    • Steven

      Thanks Danielle! =D


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