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Weekend Writing Warriors: DEAD PLANET

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors!

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Time for another excerpt from Dead Planet, Book 2 of The Rike Chronicles, coming February 23rd!  (Check out below for a chance to win a copy of Book 1 in the series, The Last Acolyte!)

Rike and Aeana are in the desolate outpost town Augur, which Rike just learned was a dangerous place thanks to something having been woken beneath the surface by the town’s mining operations.  In this week’s excerpt, he learns more about the danger…


“Zombies on the perimeter!” someone shouted as a klaxon sounded and red lights flashed. 

Fuck, zombies!? Rike thought.  

“The corpses are infested with parasites,” a Voran explained to him, a stout and black-eyed youth with a shock of black hair that stuck out from the sides of his worn helmet.  Everyone in the bar moved outside and took up position all over Augur, in the towers, gunnery nests and short towers stationed at the corners of the compound.  Grey clouds bled slow across a red sky, and the foul stench of rot and decay carried on the ice-cold wind.  “There are bodies buried all over Vesaad, and the soil keeps them from decaying, buried and hidden until the worms take them.”

It turned out that the worms ran rampant across Vesaad, and had lived for centuries buried deep beneath the surface, unseen and undisturbed until Augur and other settlements inadvertently woke the slithery things when they mined for water and fuel.  And now the worms, it seemed, were pissed.


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  1. Teresa Cypher

    OMG, this just keeps getting worse! lol

    Not worms! Yikes! Anything but worms!

    Except for…spiders…snakes…eels…lizards…

    Another great snippet, Steven!

  2. Ed Hoornaert

    So worms turn them into zombies, eh. That’s different. I wonder what happens if you kill off the worms.

  3. Kim Magennis

    I love your understatement about the worms being pissed. I wonder what the worms look like? Can’t wait to find out!

  4. sophiatmadison

    The worms were pissed. I loved that. I wonder what these worms look like. They must be some special worms.

  5. Christina Ochs

    Ugh, wormy zombies- that’s really super-gross. Great job with the vivid descriptions, as usual.

  6. amybraunauthor

    Pissed worms are not good worms… *thinks about the sentence and accepts it* As always, you paint a gritty, vivid, kickass picture. Really want to see where this will go!

  7. veronicascott

    Oh MY, nice touch, in the way of macabre, unexpected and totally effective! I always love your excerpts and this one is no exception.

  8. Lisa Medley

    Ack! Makes perfect sense, lots of insects and other creatures hibernate like this. I like it!


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