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2012: The Year In Review (Or, What I Did Before the Apocalypse)

So, now that the apocalypse is over, I thought it would be nice to take a glance back at 2012 and see what the hell happened.  It’s been a crazy-busy year.


We’ll start off with some fun stuff.  If there’s one word I can use to describe the movies that came out in 2012, it’s “low expectations”.  (Yes, that’s two words.  Whatever.)  I have to admit that back when the year started off I wasn’t too enthusiastic about much of anything coming out.  Sure, a couple of titles looked like they could be passably entertaining, but at a glance I said: “Oh boy…yet ANOTHER summer packed with superhero films and sequels.  Hooray.”

Who's a badass? That's right.

Who’s a badass? That’s right.

The truth is, we rarely go out to the movies, and usually just wait until stuff is available on Blu-Ray or appears on Netflix.  This year, however, I actually got to see quite a few more movies that I normally do, and I’m glad, because there were some real gems out there: The Avengers, Looper, The Dark Knight Rises, The Expendables 2, Haywire, Pirates! Band of Misfits, Prometheus and Safe were all solidly entertaining films, and there are quite a few more (Cabin in the Woods, Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, End of Watch, Lincoln, Les Miserables, Django Unchained) that I intend to see as soon as I get a chance.  I don’t know if I’d call 2012 a revolutionary year for cinema, or anything like that, but the quality of several of the top-billed films was certainly a pleasant surprise.


My musical tastes are best described as “eclectic”, though I do tend to stray closer to the Gothic/Industrial/Synthpop side of things.  That being said, 2012 wasn’t a great year, but it certainly wasn’t bad.  The new releases by Assemblage 23 (Bruise) and Birthday Massacre (Hide and Seek) were both excellent, and on the mainstream side I greatly enjoyed Garbage’s Not Your Kind of People and Linkin Park’s Living Things, and at least one song from each of those albums quickly made its way onto my regular playlist.


Not Your Kind of People kicks butt. Listen to it. Thanks.

At this point, what I’m most excited about are a couple of early 2013 releases – two of my favorite electronic acts, Diorama and Mesh, both have albums coming out in January (Diorama’s Even the Devil Doesn’t Care) and February (Mesh’s Automation Baby), and it wasn’t til I heard the news that I realized how long it’s been since either of them had released new material – score!


I have a dark confession to make: I suck.  I’ve been so damn busy this year (see below) than the one thing I’ve done a horrible job of keeping up with has been my reading.  But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been supporting my fellow Indies, and, consequently, every book I’ve purchased for myself this year has been from the Indie shelf.

Of those I’ve read, Alan Edwards’ zombie fantasy The Storm of Northreach and Mike Berry’s sci-fi/horror Macao Station (which I’m nearly finished with) deserve special mention for being completely awesome.  They’re both deftly written and well executed pieces of horror/sci-fi literature, and I can’t recommend them highly enough.  Jen Kirchner’s comedic urban fantasy The Fourth Channel (which I’ve read a fair amount of), Bruce Blake’s epic fantasy Blood of the King, Candice Bundy’s dark paranormal romance The Daemon Whisperer and Amber West’s murder mystery The Ruth Valley Missing are all on my to-read list.  At the rate I’m going, I should be set to report on them for my 2013 wrap-up…

These authors are terrific people writing terrific books.  If you need a gift idea for a reader in your life, do them a favor and check out a few of these titles.

Books, Again

Part of the reason I’ve been so busy is because I’ve busted my proverbial butt in the writing/publishing department.  It actually took  me a moment to recognize that in 2012 I published 2 full-length novels, a novella and a short story, and I’ll have a third novel ready to go in January.  I’ve sold over 4,000 books this year so far.

I gotta say, it’s been a good year for Steve the Writer.  I was worried for a time that I’d burned myself out with my excessive work ethic, so I’ve tried to scale things back a bit, especially with my hectic day job…Year-End in the Finance Department is almost as fun as getting neutered…

I’m very happy with both my writing and the reception my novels have gotten.  Thank you to all of the readers who’ve taken a chance on me – I really appreciate it!

(Oh, and in case you missed the news, Blood Skies is Free for the Kindle, as well as on Kobo and Smashwords.  Talk about a cheap thrill.)

Blood Skies, Book 1

Click me, I’m free!!!!

Life in General

This year, my little girl graduated high school (and has since become a complete lump ;D), my wife and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary, my son started playing team basketball, my Mom moved back to Denver to be with my sick brother, and the family took our first ferry ride.  We had dozens of outdoor hiking adventures, got a visit from Lib’s family, and are having our first Christmas in almost fifteen years where it was just US…as in the immediate family.

It’s amazing how much can happen in a year.  Here’s looking forward to the next one.

Thanks for supporting Blood Skies, everyone.  Look for some flash fiction coming this Thursday over at Guild of Dreams, and in the meantime have a terrific holiday season!


  1. al

    Good review. A few more books to add to my growing list (which includes yours)!

    • Daezarkian

      Thanks, Al, I hope you enjoy them!


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